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Kynez Cazlet Phone Wallet Review

Kynez Cazlet Phone Wallet Review

The Kynez Cazlet iPhone wallet a very luxuries smart phone wallet while being functional, the look and the protection it offers it’s what sets it apart from other smart-phone wallets, its best of both worlds from looking cool to protecting your iPhone.

Model: US Size • Dingo Color • TIF Style • Cordura-Enforced • iPhone 5s/5c/5 Model

First Impression

The first impression from the wallet is you…

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Is Virtual Reality Going to be the Future of Technology?

Is Virtual Reality Going to be the Future of Technology?

Is Virtual Reality Going to be the Future of Technology?

With passage of time, every new technology enters the market with its own set of pros and cons. It seems that advanced technology is all set to control the future of consumer technology. Google has made its entry with its new development of Google Glass, which is a type of eyewear designed with the purpose to provide “augmented reality”.


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Mario Runs Faster on R4 3DS

Mario Runs Faster on R4 3DS

Video games are a fascination for children as well as adults. They love themselves to be called as game freaks. In their spare time they turn on their video games and spend hours before it. Now there is good news for all the ardent game lovers. Nintendo console device will bring a chance to play more and win more. It would help the game lovers to experience a new exciting aspect while playing…

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Spracht Conference Mate Review

Spracht Conference Mate Review

The Sprach Conference Mate Bluetooth speaker makes it really easy and fast way of pairing your devices,  while enjoying rich quality audio from professional conference calls to streaming you music while having long-lasting rechargeable battery life.

 Spracht Conference Mate Review

Spracht Conference Mate  Package


What’s in the…

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SSD firmware upgrade = SSD 300 % speed increase

SSD firmware upgrade = SSD 300 % speed increase

So there’s a bit of news going around, looks like the Japanese have done it again.  Apparently, they’ve uncovered a flaw in the current design logic of Solid State Hardrives, which creates unnecessary overhead, using additional resources, power and resulting in a decrease in speed.

This new “firmware” upgrade could result in an increase of 300% performance, and 60% less power utilization.  This…

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Nasa Creating Real Clouds Makes it rain (video)

Nasa Creating Real Clouds Makes it rain (video)

Nasa Creating Real Clouds Makes it rain

Many call this a weather modification cloud machine but, this is where Nasa does their testing for their space shuttle solid rock boosters, being able to pull through half a million of gallons of fuel to throttle astronauts into Space.

Once The machine starts working even though you are watching a video, it gives you the chills it just makes the hair on…

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Sony Xperia Z2: A Phone Truly Worth Valued For Its Price

Sony Xperia Z2: A Phone Truly Worth Valued For Its Price

The ever rotating wheels of technology have been a boon for mankind. Technology has always provided lucrative products from time to time. It has constantly upgraded the society. Things which were not possible earlier are available now. In fact many of them have developed far better than their earlier versions. One could certainly hope for many more astounding products through the help of this…

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What are Mobage Coins and How to Save Your Credits?

What are Mobage Coins and How to Save Your Credits?

A popular game which Marvel has designed for mobile devices is Marvel War of the Heroes’. They have made this game available for Android and IOS platforms to enable more people to play this. This game has superheroes like Spiderman, Iron man and The Hulk. They have added a wonderful feature in this which enables a player to challenge any other player or to engage him in battles from anywhere in…

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Watch Dogs to run at Ultra Settings with Geforce GTX 670

Watch Dogs to run at Ultra Settings with Geforce GTX 670

Watch Dogs. End Article.

We could end it right here, but let’s talk a little about the open World, Next Gen game coming to Gamers every where in about a week.  This is probably the first “Next Gen” game we’re going to see on PC since the release of the “Next Gen” consoles (no I don’t consider Battlefield 4 “Next Gen”).

And people are excited, but as always, with “Next Gen” people are wondering if…

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Q2 2014 High end Gaming PC

Q2 2014 High end Gaming PC


Welcome to our Q2 2014 High End Gaming PC System Build.  This is, in my opinion, a great high end Gaming build, which offers EXCELLENT performance vs price balance.  Stay tuned for our Low end, and Enthusiast builds coming soon.



For the processor, we’ve selected the Intel Core i7 4770k.  Although hyperthreading doesn’t really do much to improve gaming performance (in most cases) if…

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